The SHOPEEN.pl platform is the work of SKYNETIA engineers with many years of experience in designing advanced IT tools. The store has no barriers to the number of products or categories, and is extremely efficient, for example 3 million. products are loaded in 0.9 seconds



ASAN365 is the perfect project management and CRM application that increases the productivity and satisfaction of your customers. You can easily manage your projects, clients and team in one place. It includes everything you need to run your business efficiently.


NOWADENT Dental Clinic

Dental clinic website. The company assumes that the company is made up of people who create it. A friendly atmosphere at work and professionalism increase comfort, giving everyone a sense of security. We can rely on each other and our strength lies in a well-coordinated team.


ALEXA Translation Agency

A translation agency offering regular and certified (sworn) translations. The offer of the office includes over 40 languages. He works with qualified translators, proofreaders and editors from all over the world. We have made a CRM system for the company to improve the company's work. Translation orders are visible in the CRM administration panel, where the employee can contact the client and translators directly regarding a given order.

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