Software Development

#A Better Tomorrow
for Your Business

An international community – a network of ideas for creating innovative IT and technological solutions for our clients' needs.
Diversity drives innovation
As a global company serving global customers, we believe our teams must reflect the diversity of our customers' businesses as well as of the surrounding society. We believe that diverse teams in an inclusive culture challenge each other, which leads to more innovative and better tailored solutions. We also believe that diverse teams improve business outcomes and create professional and personal development opportunities for everyone in our organization.

#An agency for everyone

From every corner of the globe. Complexity, uncertainty and rapid technological changes have altered the business landscape. Historical performance is no longer a credible indicator of future success, and the way we connect with each other matters. The way we learn matters. At Skynetia, we share a passion for discovery and the understanding that we cannot do it alone. In teams, offices and disciplines our environment, systems and practices are designed for continuous learning, flexibility and resilience.

Together we are much smarter

How do we work?

  • First contact - you contact us with an initial idea or your expectations.
  • Offer - we prepare the initial assumptions of the project and send you an offer.
  • Contract - we sign the contract electronically.
  • Graphic design and mockup - we create a graphic design and mockup of product functionality.
  • Realization.


Mariusz C.

Project Manager, Programmer

Tim K.

Marketing Manager

Joanna K.

Graphic Designer

Filip G.

Programmer PHP, JAVA, PYTHON

Natasha S.

Full Stack Web Developer

Marek S.

Front developer HTML, JAVA, CSS

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