ANDROID & IOS apps development

Our apps are developed in response to modern market demands. We create both simple apps such as a planner or notebook, and advanced solutions with audio-video streaming or GPS navigation. You can be sure the app will run seamlessly on a number of devices, regardless of the resolution and diagonals of the screen. We offer both Android and iOS solutions and make the applications simple and intuitive to navigate, providing an enjoyable user experience.

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How do I get started?

  • First contact - you contact us with an initial idea or your expectations.
  • Offer - we prepare the initial assumptions of the project and send you an offer.
  • Contract - we sign the contract electronically.
  • Graphic design and mockup - we create a graphic design and mockup of product functionality.
  • Realization.

Apps for all systems and devices

All our developers have over ten years of experience in creating solutions that meet market needs, strengthen corporate brand identity and encourage business development and expansion.

Native mobile applications

Our mobile application developers create high-quality native applications for Android and iOS, tailored to your business and security requirements.

Hybrid mobile applications

Cross-platform applications that can run in a variety of environments thanks to a unique combination of native and web technologies.

Progressive web applications

With progressive web applications, we provide native-like capabilities and installation capacity, while reaching anyone, anywhere and on any device with a single codebase.

Wearable devices and firmware

The smartwatch is no longer the platform it was in its early days. The system and devices have evolved allowing us to freely implement our own ideas. We build applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch and publish them in PLAY store and App Store.


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